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Black Spots on Vinyl Siding

Black Spots on Vinyl Siding
September 13, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Black spots on your vinyl siding? We have had lots customers that have black spots on their vinyl siding such as the one pictured.  Originally we thought this was just mold but upon research we have found it to be an artillery fungus. The fungus is apparently found in mulch and when we actually thought about it each customer had mulch! The spots were two stories high on the north end of the home. We have also found it around other areas that did not have mulch directly around them this is because the spores can be shot from long distances.

One thing that needs to be understood is this process doesn’t happen overnight. You get all of these spots  on your siding over the course of months . If the spots on your siding are not removed they will continue to spread and grow the same way mold spores get on your home and grow. That means more spots on your vinyl siding.

We found the perfect remedy for these spots and made it into a detergent. Not only does it kill and remove the spots but it also contains a wax that makes your vinyl siding look great.  Let us get you cleaned up.


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    Jackson's Heated Pressure Washing 7 years ago

    Ran into another home with black spots yesterday. There was mulch all around the area.

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