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5 Signs You Should Invest in Pressure Washing

5 Signs You Should Invest in Pressure Washing
January 24, 2014 mrjacksonjim

house talkingPressure Washing is the key to keeping your home at its best and when you don’t your home is going to let you know that you should.  Here are 5 signs you should invest in pressure washing. Is your home talking to you?


1.  You have more than one dirty problem.

Your Problem isn’t just mold, cobwebs, or dirt. It’s a combination of them and possibly additional ones as well. You have an allergen nightmare on your home but you still can’t haven’t figured out why you’re sneezing and have so many allergy symptoms.  Pressure wash your home and you’ll probably feel much better.


2. Your home isn’t the same color.

You may not realize this but your home can change colors over time if not properly maintained.  I’ve seen this countless time with brick and siding homes. Don’t believe me? Check out our work here –> . Some homes can be fully restored and some can only be restored to an extent. Most homeowners didn’t realize their home had changed colors.  Mother nature loves to beat up on homes and she’s beating yours to sleep. A little pressurized water could wake him up before it’s too late.

3. Your wife has reminded you two years or more.

We get lots of customers that pressure wash just because their wife has requested it. Women just have an eye for this for this type of stuff and low tolerance for dirt. Your wife wants to come home to a nice clean home.  You still haven’t bought a pressure washer or called the pressure washing company to clean it. Skip it this year, and you’ll probably be in the dog house.

4. Your allergies are bad year round

I cleaned a patio recently that was saturated in mold, moss, dirt, and just think of all the germs and allergens that were on that thing. Pressure Washing combined with detergent can kill those germs and allergens. Your home was meant to be a clean, peaceful, and allergen free place. Pressure washing can keep it that way.

5. You don’t remember the last time.

You can’t recall the last time you pressure washed your home and it’s extremely dirty. Most of us are extremely busy. It’s one of the main reasons we forget to pressure wash our homes. That, and the fact we just don’t want to deal with it during the little free time we actually have. That precious time should be spent with your family. Do yourself a favor and call a pressure washing company to help you out. Your home is going to reflect you in the clean, positive way it should.


Most pressure washing companies give free estimates. If you located in Southeast Missouri or neighboring towns give us a call for a FREE pressure washing estimate at 573-340-5401 or fill our a form for your online estimate here –>



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