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Alternative to power washing

Alternative to power washing
November 9, 2012 mrjacksonjim
We restore your home's natural color.

We restore your home’s natural color.

You want to clean the exterior of your home but don’t want to power wash it? Afraid of damaging it maybe? Well, no matter the reason, there is an alternative to pressure washing. It’s called soft washing but… are still using a power washer. The difference is the amount of pressure being used. The pressure is dialed down a little above  the pressure a water hose distributes. The key in soft washing is to let your detergents do the cleaning and just rinsing off, avoiding the potential damage of using high pressure but you must have the proper equipment to perform the soft wash properly. Your pressure washer needs to put out at least 4.5-5 gallons per minute to flush the detergent from the surface effectively.

Of course the key in pressure washing, soft washing, or operating any equipment in general; is actually knowing how to operate  it. Not knowing how to operate it it is when things can start to get damaged. Know your surfaces and what pressure those surfaces need to be cleaned effectively without damaging. If you plan on soft washing please have the proper equipment to soft wash effectively.

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