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House pressure washing vs scrubbing

House pressure washing vs. scrubbing

I had a potential customer call me a few weeks ago about getting his house pressure washed. He saw our before and after pictures and wanted to know our process of pressure washing. He couldn’t understand how we got the houses so clean. When I told him our pressure washing process he seemed shocked. He thought we scrubbed them to get them so clean.

He went on to say that pressure washing was ineffective for him because the house would get dirty within a year. He wanted a scrubbing process because “scrubbing the house would keep it clean for three years”.

I told him this wasn’t true but he didn’t want to hear me really. He already had his mind made up that scrubbing was the way to go.

His thinking wasn’t logical and here’s three reasons why:

  1. You can’t control mother nature- I could scrub a house for ten days straight and the next day it may blow mud on the side of my house, birds may poop, cobwebs, air pollutants may land on your home. You get the picture? Can’t control those things.
  2. Scrubbing in most cases isn’t needed- With the right detergents I’ve found that scrubbing in most cases just isn’t needed. I have never scrubbed a home and the results are great.
  3. I saw a guy scrubbing a house recently and while he did a great job. I believe I could have done a much better job and in less time. It took him 5-6 hours. I would have been done in 2 or less and it would have been cleaner.

I’m not against scrubbing a house by any means. If I had to I definitely would but for me in most cases it is not needed.  There were two people on this job and it took them 6 hours. I would hate to see you spending 10 hours of your precious weekend scrubbing your home.

If you feel that house scrubbing is superior that’s fine but I challenge you:

Share your pictures of your before and after house scrubbing and prove to me it’s better. Here are some of mine.

pressure washing vsiding blue


brick house mold pressure washing

2-3 story pressure washing

pressure washing white vinyl siding

We pressure wash in Southeast Missouri and the surrounding areas such as

Cape Girardeau, Caruthersville, Gordonville, Sikeston, Kennett, Hayti, Steele, Holcomb, Senath, Portageville, Wardell, New Madrid, Benton, Miner, Charleston, Malden, Dyersburg, Blytheville, Newburn, Braggadocio, East Prairie, Scott City, and more.

House pressure washing vs scrubbing

Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing Spotlight

Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing

We recently pressure washed a house in Gordonville Missouri before they placed it for sale. Clearly they were very smart. The National Association of Realtors state that pressure washing can add up to 10- 15,000 dollars in value.

Lots of mold had accumulated on this home over the years, making it look old and lessening the perceived value. We were able to remove it all the way to the top of the house. The mold was thick and stubborn so it took a few coats.

We pride ourselves as being the best and highest reviewed house pressure washers in Southeast Missouri.

The owner was very pleased with the results.

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

The brick turned out really good too. It’s cleaner and more vibrant. In the picture above the brick is dry in most places so these are the final results.

In the picture below the brick is still damp. It turned out similar to the previous picture above. This area was very dirty, covered in mold and dirt. The camera doesn’t capture it very well. We cleaned it all up with no problem.

brick house pressure washing 3


It’s important to know the proper way to pressure a house.  It’s all about using the proper detergents and utilizing our equipment to apply that detergent to all areas. We used low pressure to clean this house. High pressure risks damaging the house. Simply just using water will not get the job done right. Over the years we have learned all of the tricks of the trade in pressure washing.

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri


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Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing

Cape Girardeau Pressure Washing Spotlight

Cape Girardeau Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Cape GirardeauThis past week, we had the pleasure of doing some pressure washing in Cape Girardeau Missouri.

This job was basically a complete renovation and it turned out really nice. We pressure washed her walkway, patio, and house which pretty much was her whole property. The house had lots of mold and fungus on it. Some of it looked like little black dots, which is something we see a lot. You could tell it had not been cleaned in a very long time.

The house had turned a green in some places because of the mold and in general it was an off white color. It wasn’t the actual white color it used to be. My goal was to change that.


Here’s a shot of the front of the house before and after we cleaned it

Pressure Washing services in Cape Girardeau Missouri

Pressure Washing services in Cape Girardeau Missouri

You’ll notice the second picture looks brighter and cleaner. The first picture doesn’t do a good job of showing the actual dirt and light mold that was on the house. It looks like more of a shadow, but it’s not. Second, look at the awning. It’s also much brighter. All of this was achieved with low pressure washing techniques. We cleaned the porch as well but it wasn’t dry in all places when this picture was taken.

Here’s a shot of some of the concrete we cleaned . Again, this wasn’t dry.

Cape Girardeau Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Cape Girardeau Sidewalk Pressure Washing

We took this old grey looking sidewalk and restored it to its normal color again. The owner was very pleased with the work.

“My house is finally white!”


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Parking Lot Pressure Washing in Southeast Missouri

We recently pressure washed a parking lot for a bank in Southeast Missouri and I thought it would be a great time to give you guys a quick demonstration on how we clean them and why it’s important to keep your parking lot cleaned up. Most of our customers like to have their parking lots pressure washed for liability reasons along with the importance of maintaining a clean image.

If you are looking to have your parking lot pressure washed in Southeast Missouri or the surrounding areas, give us a call or text at 573-340-5401.

Check out how we pressure wash parking lots in Southeast Missouri.



Northeast Arkansas Pressure Washing

Northeast Arkansas Pressure Washing Services

A Quick Estimate


We are Northeast Arkansas’ Premier Pressure Washing Company. Providing you with safe, high quality results at an affordable rate for the past 8 years. Over the years Pressure Washing has evolved and is now in most cases about less pressure and more about cleaning the surface. We use a high quality detergent mix to clean various surfaces. 

Our equipment allows us to clean using high or low pressure, high or low heat, and reach 30+ feet high. In most cases, your property is your biggest investment ( outside your children :) . Make sure you are protecting your investment by cleaning it routinely. Cleaning your home yearly will keep it looking nice and extend its life.



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Pressure Washing Spotlight Caruthersville Missouri

waxed porchPressure Washing in Caruthersville Missouri is always a pleasure because it’s our location. Short drives are always a bonus. Cleaning up my hometown is an even bigger bonus. I had the pleasure of pressure washing this mainly brick home for a lady that means a lot to the Caruthersville community. The house had not been pressure washed since she bought it and she was very happy to get it cleaned and extremely pleased with the results.

As you can see from the picture she developed a nice cobweb collection. There were a ton of dirt dauber nests as well.  We used our detergent and wax mix on the trim and our wall washer to remove the mold streaks on her brick. I’ve included a clip of the removal process below.

We take pride in giving EVERY customer the best results possible. You deserve to enjoy a clean, peaceful home.  If you are looking for pressure washing in Southeast Missouri  or the surrounding areas call or text us anytime at 573-340-5401.  OR

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Pressure Washing with WAX!


Pressure Washed with wax

Pressure washed with wax

We have been pressure washing with wax in Southeast Missouri for a few years now and it’s allowed us to add the  “WOW” factor that puts our work over the top. The results can truly be extraordinary depending on the surface you are applying it to. Some surfaces such as brick are more absorbent so the wax doesn’t settle on the surface as well.

We’ve recently upgraded our wax to a longer lasting wax that makes our customer’s homes look better, longer.

The wax is added to our pressure washing mix which already contains several other surfactants. When all are combined they make the ultimate house wash. We have restored many homes while pressure washing with house washing mix. You can view more photos here —–>

Your first thought/question is probably going to be will the wax wash away when I rinse off the detergent. It won’t, the wax bonds to the surface you are pressure washing. Just don’t go using tons of pressure and you’ll be fine. You should be allowing your detergent to do the cleaning anyway.

Any questions about pressure washing with wax? Drop me a line below.




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Fence Pressure Washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence pressure washing or pressure washing wood in general is a very finesse cleaning service. I use the word finesse because it doesn’t require a lot of pressure when pressure washing it. In fact, too much pressure will damage the fibers in the wood. It takes less powerful and more skill.

To clean wood you need a great detergent to clean/brighten the surface and then use low pressure to pressure wash the surface and restore the wood. In most cases the results are amazing. Wood can look aged very quickly and it’s fun restoring an old grey fence or deck back to it’s normal wooden color.

Here’s the thing. Unless you stain the wood, it will eventually age back into its grey color. To slow that process you’ll have to stain it. Staining the wood will give it protection from the weather and sun which will extend the wood’s life span.  This just scratches the surface about pressure washing wood. It can get extremely detailed/long.  Any specific questions please comment below. We pressure wash in Southeast Missouri and the surrounding areas such as Dyersburg, Blytheville, Kennett, New Madrid, and more.


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House Pressure Washing Packages

Our house washing packages are designed to give you the best results possible at the cheapest rate possible.  Check them out.


BASIC HOUSE WASH PACKAGEBasic cleaning and mold removal process to make your home look nice.



house Of month wash

An amazing blend of detergents that makes your home look like the house of the month. This detergent contains wax to make your home shine. It kills germs, mold, mildew, and other allergens. Your gutters will also be scrubbed and whitened. This is our most popular package.



wow new house

When we first cleaned a man’s house with this combo he said “Wow a new house”.  It’s now a package. This is is a very detailed cleaning process. Your driveway will be pressure washed to perfection. All the exterior windows on the first floor will be cleaned and squeegeed. All germs, mold, mildew, and other allergens will be removed. Your gutters will be whitened. Your home will be pressure washed with our perfect blend of detergents that includes wax in it.  Your home will shine like you just bought it.



We are currently offering our “House of the Month” package at the price of our “Basic” package. This offer ends in two weeks.

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Kennett House Pressure Washing Highlight

house Of month wash

Our February house pressure washing highlight goes to a home in Kennett Missouri. The owner of this home wanted to get it pressure washed before selling to increase the value. The picture of the house is posted below and you will see that it was extremely dirty. I didn’t ask, but I would be willing to bet it had never been cleaned before.

He is a smart man because he knows that pressure washing your home can increase the value by 10-15,000 dollars. This isn’t just me speaking, this information was sited by the National Association of Realtors. He’s probably at the bank cashing out as we speak :). Let’s evaluate his house.

We gave him our “House of the Month” wash. This wash includes our perfect blend of premium detergents that contains wax. You can see it killed the mold, restored the color of his siding, and left a nice shine behind. His brick was a bit tougher because the stains sat on his house so long they left a shadow behind in some areas but still, his house is in its BEST selling condition as pressure washing could get it.  The owner was EXTREMELY pleased with the value we were able to add to his home. You can click on the house to view things in more detail.

View more amazing photos of our work here –>

Pressure Washed House in Kennett Missouri

Pressure Washed House in Kennett Missouri