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Black shadow on brick houses

Black shadow on brick houses
November 17, 2012 mrjacksonjim

When brick houses aren’t  cleaned for long periods of time sometimes they will begin to develop black shadows. These shadows are a result of a mold,mildew, and dirt build up on the brick. You  mainly see the shadows developing on the bottom section of the north end of brick homes. The north side of houses is typically where you see mold collect on most homes but you often see sides close to the north end that collect mold as well. The longer this shadow stays on your brick…. the tougher it will be to be completely removed.

Of course the solution to removing the shadow/ring on your brick is simple….. clean it. Pressure washing your house twice a year will keep your brick home clean and ring free. Be careful, using too much pressure will damage your home. Use moderate pressure and you should achieve great results depending on the quality of your pressure washer.




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