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Black stains on brick

Black stains on brick
July 30, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Do you have black stains on your brick? Sounds like you have a mold or moss problem. Yes they look black sometimes, even on siding. I know they told you brick wouldn’t get dirty… they lied. I know, jerks right? Don’t worry I know the perfect solution to get your brick back clean and vibrant. Power washing! Yes, crank that your pressure washer up! Be careful though, too much pressure will damage your pretty (currently dirty) brick home.

The key to pressure washing effectively and damage free is to let the water do the cleaning. Gallons per minute are essential, the more the better. Effective cleaning will get you great results like I  achieved in the picture on this post. We use moderate to clean brick homes to prevent damage. Our machine distribute 4-5 gallons per minute depending on which one we use. Let the water flush out the dirt, mold, and moss.



Of course we have been power washing for years so we clean a bit faster and easier than most. Power washing your house can be a tough and tiring task. If you can’t or don’t want to pressure wash your house by yourself contact a professional company….like us 🙂 .

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