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Cape Girardeau Pressure Washing Spotlight

Cape Girardeau Pressure Washing Spotlight
May 30, 2014 mrjacksonjim

Cape Girardeau Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Cape GirardeauThis past week, we had the pleasure of doing some pressure washing in Cape Girardeau Missouri.

This job was basically a complete renovation and it turned out really nice. We pressure washed her walkway, patio, and house which pretty much was her whole property. The house had lots of mold and fungus on it. Some of it looked like little black dots, which is something we see a lot. You could tell it had not been cleaned in a very long time.

The house had turned a green in some places because of the mold and in general it was an off white color. It wasn’t the actual white color it used to be. My goal was to change that.


Here’s a shot of the front of the house before and after we cleaned it

Pressure Washing services in Cape Girardeau Missouri

Pressure Washing services in Cape Girardeau Missouri

You’ll notice the second picture looks brighter and cleaner. The first picture doesn’t do a good job of showing the actual dirt and light mold that was on the house. It looks like more of a shadow, but it’s not. Second, look at the awning. It’s also much brighter. All of this was achieved with low pressure washing techniques. We cleaned the porch as well but it wasn’t dry in all places when this picture was taken.

Here’s a shot of some of the concrete we cleaned . Again, this wasn’t dry.

Cape Girardeau Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Cape Girardeau Sidewalk Pressure Washing

We took this old grey looking sidewalk and restored it to its normal color again. The owner was very pleased with the work.

“My house is finally white!”


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