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Dorothy Haddon/ April 26, 2014

I was going to buy new siding and repaint the front of my house. This sure beats it! You saved me a lot of money.  Thank you Jimmy!


Shayne Holloman / 

I use Jackson’s for my home and business and could not be more satisfied – the results are amazing! They do the extra little things that keep me happy and I always get prompt service with a smile!

Shayne Holloman
Quality Cleaners


Danny / 

I live in Kennett Missouri and needed my house pressure washed very badly. Found this company on the internet and I was extremely pleased with the results. I highly recommend.


Freddie Harmon / 

Heard about Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing through a friend and decided to get an estimate on my deck. Its amazing how they took an old grey deck and made it look new again. Originally thought about doing it myself but glad I left it to a pro. Thanks again guys.


Martha / 

I live in Dyersburg Tennesse. I had my 3,000 square foot home cleaned by them and I was very pleased.


Tiger / 

Jimmy Jackson cleaned my business for me twice this year and did a terrific job. He offers a great service at a great price.


Jenny Johnson / 

My husband found out about this power washing business so we decided to try it out. Our house and fence really needed it and Im so pleased with the results. I told a few friends about you guys and they said they would call as well.


John Griffin / 

Great Service!


Amy / 

Saw my neighbors home being cleaned and decided to get an estimate on mine. They did a great job! Vinyl Siding looks so shiny and new. Smells good too!


Anna K / 

After watching my husband almost kill himself trying to get mold off of our two story home we gave these guys a call and they did it with no problem. Definitely worth the investment.


Roger / 

I recently got my house power washed for the first time in early November and I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this need before. My house looks 100% better and 10 yrs newer. This company did excellent work! I recommend them highly. I plan to have JHPW powerwash my fence this summer. Can’t wait to see those results.


Sharon / 

Jackson’s recently cleaned the outside of my brick home. I was very happy with the results. Jimmy was able to remove mold and mildew from the front of my house. The garage area is now free of cobwebs, wasp nests, etc. Now I’m ready for spring!


Sandra Hooker / 

Mr. Jackson pressured washed my home, including the brick, siding, and my patio. I am amazed by how much better my home looks. I am especially looking forward to using my clean patio this summer.

The price was very reasonable, and the service was excellent. I would recommend Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing to everyone!


Janice S. / 

Amazed by the quality, attention to deal, and speed. There is no way I could do what he does in the time that he did it. Thanks for saving my husband and I the time.


Carpel Dunnegan / 

I live in Kennett Missouri. Jimmy sprayed my house a few weeks ago and changed it a whole different color. The color that it’s supposed to be! I was also amazed at how high he could spray. Never seen anything like it. The Dunnegans will most definitely be calling you again next year buddy!


Byron / 

I can never reach the high levels of my house. They made it look easy.


Jack Donford / 

These guys were cheaper and better than my last pressure washing company. Thank you Jimmy


McCall / 

Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing cleaned my house about a month ago. We wanted the house clean before we had it trim repainted. They were able to remove the moss off of the brick and dirt off of the house. The bricks also were restored back to the vibrant color they were many years ago. I highly recommend Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing.


Heath Bradcliff / 

I searched for pressure washing companies in Dyersburg Tennessee and found these guys. Had the opportunity of meeting the owner and he is a great guy plus I thought the price was fantastic for the size of my house. To cap it off they did a great job of pressure washing my house. I’m not even joking my house looks close to brand new again. If you’re looking for a pressure washing company, give these guys a shot at it.


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