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Clean trim around brick home

Clean trim around brick home
November 28, 2012 mrjacksonjim

So, you are starting to notice your brick home is getting dirty? Well it’s time to get you cleaned up. You’re about to get a crash course from a professional pressure washing company. Let’s start with the most noticeable part of your brick home, the trim. The trim around a brick home highlights the home and usually is a lighter color so you notice it getting dirty before you notice the brick itself accumulating  dirt and grime. This is because the dirt sits into the grooves of the brick and the dirt around the trim of your home sits on the surface, but that’s another story.

First let’s recall the tips to help you pressure wash like a pro. You’re going to need those tips and some of the equipment to perform this job effectively. Make sure you have a good detergent on hand to brighten and clean the trim of your home (especially if the trim is white). Our detergent contains a wax that cleans and makes the trim shine. You’ll also need to have the reach to clean the trim in high areas. Personally we use an x-jet tip that allows us to pressure wash from the ground. We do not promote the use of  a ladder because of the kickback you      can get from the pressure washer.

Be sure to wet the surface before you apply the detergent and let your detergent sit 8-10 before rinsing off. Apply the detergent from the bottom, up and rinse from the top, down. Good luck! Drop me a line in the comment section with any questions.


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