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Cleaning vinyl siding

Cleaning vinyl siding
November 23, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Pressure Washed with waxPressure washing vinyl siding requires less pressure and more washing.  Vinyl siding is a delicate surface that in MOST cases doesn’t require lots of pressure to achieve great results. Using lots of pressure can easily damage your vinyl siding home or force water behind your siding.

The biggest factor to your results is what detergents are you using here’s why..

Detergents have surfactants in them that make your wash way more effective. They work well with water and release surface tension which allows your detergents to sit on the surface and go to work. Those surfactants surround various stains, and the water flushes them away.

When we pressure wash vinyl siding we use low pressure and an amazing blend of detergents that gives us results like the pictures you see in this post. One of the key components of our mix we use is wax. It take our pressure washing results to the next level.

First we prep the surface by wetting it down before any detergent is applied. Next we add detergent. We let our detergent sit and work for 5-10 minutes then come back and rinse.

In most cases, the results are nothing short of amazing. Sometimes it feels like you just gave the person a new home.  Check out some of our pressure washing pictures below.


before and after cleaning vinl siding

Detergent restores vinyl siding color

Vinyl siding transformed.

Vinyl siding transformed.

Pressure washing two story vinyl siding

2 story pressure washing


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