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Cobwebs keep getting on house

Cobwebs keep getting on house
November 14, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Cobwebs keep getting on the exterior of your house? Most houses are prone to collecting cobwebs throughout the year. The reason why is simple: You can’t kill a cobweb, and you can’t stop them from coming back. You can only clean them as they come, but the reality is… they always come back.

How to clean them?

We have tried a couple methods and know people that swear by these methods as well.

  1. Extension pole/broom- some people like to use an extension pole or broom. While this can be effective at removing some of the cobwebs it is hard to control the extension pole when reaching 2-3 stories. It can also be hard to sit the broom in the grooves of the siding, where the cobwebs normally dwell.
  2. Pressure wash the cobwebs- Pressure washing the cobwebs down has been a tough task to figure out but now that we have figured it out….it’s a breeze.  The key is the angle you are spraying them at. In the past we stood directly in front of siding houses. Spraying left to right in the grooves of the siding to flush out the cobwebs. Now we have a better procedure that allows us to clean 2x faster. ( comment below with your name and email to receive it).


If you have cobweb trouble I highly recommend you pressure wash 3 times a year instead of two. This will help you keep the cobwebs at bay and keep your home looking great!


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