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Deck cleaning in Dyersburg Tennessee

Deck cleaning in Dyersburg Tennessee
December 22, 2012 mrjacksonjim
Pressure wash a deck

Check out the picture of this huge stage/ deck we cleaned. These results were from only cleaning, no staining.

The deck area is a peaceful place for most that build them. It’s viewed as a place to get away from everything or just hang with friends and family. Regardless of what you choose to do in your deck area, it’s important to keep your place of peace, peaceful. If a deck is not cleaned it will begin to turn grey and weaken. The good news is there is simple remedy to keep your deck from turning grey.

Pressure washing your deck once a year along with staining will keep your deck clean and protected the harmful elements that cause it to turn grey.Pressure washing your deck alone will clean it but to enhance and extend the life of your cleaning you need to stain your deck to protect it.   If you are located in Dyersburg Tennessee or anywhere within an hour of our Caruthersville Missouri location  we would love to pressure wash your deck for you. Give us a call at 573-340-501, we have special rate waiting for you.








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