Does brick get dirty?

In short, yes! I see dirty brick houses all the time. Lots of you have dirty brick houses but don’t realize it because it has gotten a little dirtier every year but nothing drastic from year to year so you don’t really notice. Dust collects on the brick and sits in the grooves and eventually the brick begins to look dull. Check the picture on this post. The brick had been collecting dirt for years. The owners pressure washed the trim but never the brick because they didn’t think brick gets dirty. It began to collect moss and mold as well as you can see. Simple remedy for cleaning brick, pressure wash. Pressure wash your brick home at least once a year to keep it clean of dirt,mold, moss, and allergen free.

If you want results like in the picture (I cleaned it) give me a call. Pressure washing can be very hard work and potentially damaging to you or your property if you’re not careful. Give me a call or text at 573-340-5401 or tell me what you’d like cleaned HERE.

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