Does pressure washing damage brick


Will pressure washing damage the brick on your home? Well, if you are inexperienced and don’t Brick Pressure Washing Southeast Missouriknow the proper ways to pressure wash yes it is very possible to damage a brick home by power washing it. You can easily AVOID damage by using our method of low- moderate pressure and detergent. This process of using low pressure and detergent is known as “soft washing” in the pressure washing industry and it is extremely effective.

I’ve had customers with bad experiences pressure washing their home themselves that think just because they damaged it, it’s impossible to pressure wash without damaging. This is far from the truth.  You can certainly pressure wash the brick without damaging it. The problem is you’re using too much pressure. Just because you’re cleaning a hard surface doesn’t mean you can pull the trigger without a conscience.

Lower the pressure down, don’t spray directly at the joint and you can achieve great results without a drop of damage. Don’t believe you can pressure wash without damaging? Check out this picture below cleaned by Jackson’s Heated and find the damage.  The only difference on the before and after picture is the after is brighter, cleaner, and better. We clean brick and vinyl siding homes in Southeast Missouri and deliver high quality results. Give us a call or text anytime with any questions at 573-340-5401.

brick house pressure washing

brick house pressure washing









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