Dull brick

Does your brick look dull? House doesn’t shine the same from when you first bought it? Well I know exactly what you need; power washing! Check out the before and after picture of the brick house. Keep in mind the brick is dry on both pictures. When I began power washing this house you could see the dirt rinsing down as I washed it. If you look really close you can also see a shadow at the bottom of the brick from extra build up. The brick hadn’t been cleaned in years, if ever at all. Lots of people think brick doesn’t get dirty but like everything else, it does.

The fact of the matter is like all things, if you don’t clean it, it will get dirty. Your home will begin to age over time if it is not maintained and cleaned.  To prevent your brick from getting dull like the top picture pressure wash your brick home at least once year to keep it looking clean, vibrant, and young. However, the best option is to pressure wash twice a year to keep your home looking it’s best year after year. You invested a lot of money into your property. Let’s not let it go to waste :).

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