Fence Pressure Washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence washing in Southeast Missouri

Fence pressure washing or pressure washing wood in general is a very finesse cleaning service. I use the word finesse because it doesn’t require a lot of pressure when pressure washing it. In fact, too much pressure will damage the fibers in the wood. It takes less powerful and more skill.

To clean wood you need a great detergent to clean/brighten the surface and then use low pressure to pressure wash the surface and restore the wood. In most cases the results are amazing. Wood can look aged very quickly and it’s fun restoring an old grey fence or deck back to it’s normal wooden color.

Here’s the thing. Unless you stain the wood, it will eventually age back into its grey color. To slow that process you’ll have to stain it. Staining the wood will give it protection from the weather and sun which will extend the wood’s life span.  This just scratches the surface about pressure washing wood. It can get extremely detailed/long.  Any specific questions please comment below. We pressure wash in Southeast Missouri and the surrounding areas such as Dyersburg, Blytheville, Kennett, New Madrid, and more.


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