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Five steps to pressure wash like a pro

Five steps to pressure wash like a pro
September 11, 2012 mrjacksonjim

You ever wonder how the professional pressure washers final products always look exceptional? Well, today I’m going to give you the run down on how the pros do it. Let’s break it down into five sections.

Pressure Washed with wax

Pressure Washed with wax

1. Pressure washer- Most professional pressure washing companies use a pressure washer that pushes out at least 4 gallons per minute this is the foundation of the great results we achieve. Don’t worry about the pressure as much. You will rarely use full pressure anyway especially on houses. Don’t go blowing a brick or siding off! The GPM allows you to flush out the dirt and stains without a ton of pressure.

2. X-Jet tip/M5 -This expensive tip allows you to spray 30-40 feet high in the air. This easily cleans two to three story homes but also gives you a wider spray pattern option. I can clean the whole side of a vinyl siding home extremely fast because of the XJET.

Personally I like the m5 because of the adjustable spray pattern. You can also spray detergent through the tip instead of running it through the machine which is a personal preference for me but some prefer to downstream.

3. Technique- This could be a very long point here. There is a ton of technique to pressure washing and I’m still learning. When I first started my business it took me clean a standard home now it takes me an hour to an hour and half max! The main thing is finding good spray patterns in whatever you clean.

4.Detergents- I can’t down play the need for a good detergent combination. Detergents contain surfactants in them that releases surface tension and allows water and detergent to sit on the surface longer and go to work.

It allows us to simply rinse and use low pressure. It cleans, brightens, and makes your home germ and allergen free. There are a variety of combinations that people use and of course everyone has their preference. We like to add wax to our detergent mix and it really takes our results to the next level.

5. Experience- Getting great doesn’t happen overnight. As a former college running back I know the value of experience and practicing to get great at something. I wasn’t great at pressure washing when I first started.  I got better and better each year and I will continue to improve. Most homeowners aren’t doing this only a daily basis like professionals, nor do they have the great equipment to perform at the level the pros do. If you really want to become great take the time to learn all the ins and outs and CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN! We get better from studying the game and playing the game. Pressure washing is exactly the same.

Check out some of our pressure washing photos!

Black shadow on brick

before and after cleaning vinl siding

Vinyl siding transformed.

Vinyl siding transformed.

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