Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing Spotlight

Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing

We recently pressure washed a house in Gordonville Missouri before they placed it for sale. Clearly they were very smart. The National Association of Realtors state that pressure washing can add up to 10- 15,000 dollars in value.

Lots of mold had accumulated on this home over the years, making it look old and lessening the perceived value. We were able to remove it all the way to the top of the house. The mold was thick and stubborn so it took a few coats.

We pride ourselves as being the best and highest reviewed house pressure washers in Southeast Missouri.

The owner was very pleased with the results.

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

The brick turned out really good too. It’s cleaner and more vibrant. In the picture above the brick is dry in most places so these are the final results.

In the picture below the brick is still damp. It turned out similar to the previous picture above. This area was very dirty, covered in mold and dirt. The camera doesn’t capture it very well. We cleaned it all up with no problem.

brick house pressure washing 3


It’s important to know the proper way to pressure a house.  It’s all about using the proper detergents and utilizing our equipment to apply that detergent to all areas. We used low pressure to clean this house. High pressure risks damaging the house. Simply just using water will not get the job done right. Over the years we have learned all of the tricks of the trade in pressure washing.

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri

House pressure washing in Gordonville Missouri


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Gordonville Missouri Pressure Washing

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