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House changing colors over time

House changing colors over time
November 9, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Can the color of your house change color overtime? Well to answer that real real quick, yes, it really can. I can’t count the number of houses I’ve pressure washed that have left me astonished when I look at the before and after pictures. The sad thing about it is most of the homeowners don’t realize it because this change happens overtime. I’m serious, I  hear homeowners (mainly brick homeowners) say “I didn’t realize my house was that dirty!” very often.

How does it get so dirty? well, dirt settles on siding or brick over the course of a year/s and eventually begins to change the color of that surface. They begin to look dull and dirty.  It’s harder for brick homeowners to recognize their home needs power washed. Dirt settles into the grooves of the brick and the change is more subtle. The problem with this is the longer dirt and grime sit on your house, the tougher they become to remove and restore your homes’ former glory. There is a way to keep your home looking beautiful, pressure washing it twice a year. I have found that pressure washing a house twice a year will keep it looking beautiful and give you that similar clean, peaceful, proud feeling when you first bought your home. Questions? Comments? Drop me a line in the comments section.


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