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How mold harms your body

How mold harms your body
September 16, 2012 mrjacksonjim

I’ve been doing a lot of research on mold, how it’s spread, and  its affect on the human body. The results……….are not good. Mold can have mild to extreme affects on the human body that range from triggering allergies to severe illnesses that will have you lying in your death bed. Mold releases mold spores that can land anywhere, including the exterior and interior of your home. After the spores land they grow into mold and repeat the process releasing more spores. Which is why it’s important to never let mold live and grow on the exterior of your property. The mold spores contain mycotoxins (heavy on the toxins) which land on our skin and are also inhaled into our bodies.  This is where the problem begins. This video helps break it down.

Now, remember I said this stuff can have you lying in your death bed? I wasn’t joking. Check out this next video of a nice upper class family that almost lost their lives and were forced to leave their gorgeous home. They even lost 2 dogs due to the extreme mold problems.

There was recently a study at Brown University that linked depression to mold exposure. Yes, mold is serious stuff. Mold is toxic and mold spores can get into your your lungs and blood stream and cause serious problems for you and your family. NEVER let this stuff live inside our out of your home. One sure way to get rid of your exterior mold is by having it pressure washed and killing the mold with a detergent. Jackson’s Heated uses a detergent that kills mold and makes your home look great! If you are having trouble with indoor mold contact a specialist immediately! Please don’t allow mold to dwell around you or your loved ones.

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