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How often to power wash

How often to power wash
April 12, 2011 mrjacksonjim

A typical homeowner should power wash their home at least twice a year, businesses with heavy traffic should pressure wash their store front at least five or six times a year because of this ongoing traffic. The perfect number for a business would be clean their store front on a monthly basis. This will keep the gum, dirt, and cobwebs away and keep your place of business looking nice and welcoming.

Homes in the state of Missouri, a region ideal for the farmlands that dwell throughout it, are prone to extra dust, dirt, and environmental residue.  The Bootheel of Missouri which we service, consisting of areas like Caruthersville, Sikeston, Charleston, Hayti, New Madrid, Kennett, Steele and many more small towns, mostly consist of these farmlands.  Living near farmland means our homes are going to get much dirtier because of the probability of dirt blowing in from the fields all the time, especially during harvest time!  Not to mention the severe weather our property already endures.  When spring rolls around our allergies are so confused we don’t know if we should sneeze or choke from the mold, dirt, mildew, and allergens around us and on our homes.  Do your sinuses a favor and clean your property or have someone clean it for you.  Soon enough Mother Nature will be back at work and your property will begin to accumulate mold, dirt, and mildew again.  In order to have your home at its most efficient for the winter you must clean it again before the cold weather returns.  Spring and Fall are ideal times for a homeowner to clean the outside of their homes.

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  1. I love your point about gas stations! I can think of multiple times just in the last WEEK that I didn’t go to a gas station to fill up, just b/c it was so grungy looking! Makes you wonder how many other sales they lost b/c of it!!

    • Author
      Jackson's Heated Pressure Washing 7 years ago

      Yes it certainly does makes you wonder how much business they’ve lost because of it. I can tell you from experience that I always choose the cleanest gas station when given a choice!

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