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Clean a wooden fence

Clean a wooden fence
September 15, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Is your wood gray? Cleaning your wooden fence can restore years of life back into your old wooden friend. Pressure washing a fence requires a different approach than that of cleaning a house or concrete. When cleaning a fence low pressure is mandatory. Due to the sensitivity of the fibers in the wood you could easily damage or loosen the fibers if too much pressure is being applied. Wood should be cleaned with pressures of 500-800 psi and certainly never over 1,000 psi. For this reason it’s important you have a machine that allows you to modify the pressure levels.

Choosing a good detergent will play a role in the type of results you achieve. A good detergent will brighten the wood and if you choose to stain and seal it can also help the stain and seal bond to the wood. Do not use hot water!! Using hot water will cause the wood to swell up and loosen the fibers as well. A standard 25 degree nozzle will perform best for this surface,  and some even use a 40 degree tip.

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