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Pressure washing tutorial

Pressure washing tutorial
April 11, 2011 mrjacksonjim

How to Pressure Wash Tips and Tricks

There are several techniques and tips for various pressure washing applications, but they are all pretty basic procedures. The first tip we have when pressure washing a house is to use two hands. Often we see people attempting to pressure wash with one hand which causes them to tire out quickly. Also holding with both hands allows you to have more control over your spray pattern, which is important when getting those hard to reach areas.

The second and perhaps the most important tip we have is to choose a good detergent. Having a great detergent is the key to Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing’s LLC’s success. We let the detergent do the cleaning for us and simply wash it off. It is important you are letting the detergent do the cleaning for you, not the pressure. Too much pressure can damage your property.

Our third tip is to eliminate or limit your time on ladders. Using a pressure washer on a ladder can be extremely dangerous. The pressure from the power washer can cause you to fall backwards, possibly resulting in an injury. What is the key to staying on the ground? Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing LLC utilizes two tools that allow us to wash effectively from the ground.  One is an X-Jet tip. The X-Jet tip allows us to reach two to three stories high with detergent and water with no problem while still maintaining sufficient pressure. Another tool we use that keeps us on the ground is a gutter cleaning tip that simply attaches to the pressure washer gun just as a nozzle would. The tip hangs over the gutter and does a great job of blasting leaves, mud, and various items out of your gutters.

Utilizing these tips will help you to clean more effectively however it is important you have the proper equipment to power the attachments you are utilizing. If you don’t have the proper techniques or equipment you could damage your property, equipment, and most importantly yourself. If you choose to leave it to a professional give Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing LLC a call today!

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