Kennett House Pressure Washing Highlight

house Of month wash

Our February house pressure washing highlight goes to a home in Kennett Missouri. The owner of this home wanted to get it pressure washed before selling to increase the value. The picture of the house is posted below and you will see that it was extremely dirty. I didn’t ask, but I would be willing to bet it had never been cleaned before.

He is a smart man because he knows that pressure washing your home can increase the value by 10-15,000 dollars. This isn’t just me speaking, this information was sited by the National Association of Realtors. He’s probably at the bank cashing out as we speak :). Let’s evaluate his house.

We gave him our “House of the Month” wash. This wash includes our perfect blend of premium detergents that contains wax. You can see it killed the mold, restored the color of his siding, and left a nice shine behind. His brick was a bit tougher because the stains sat on his house so long they left a shadow behind in some areas but still, his house is in its BEST selling condition as pressure washing could get it.  The owner was EXTREMELY pleased with the value we were able to add to his home. You can click on the house to view things in more detail.

View more amazing photos of our work here –>

Pressure Washed House in Kennett Missouri

Pressure Washed House in Kennett Missouri


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