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Power Wash Mold

Power Wash Mold
August 23, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Mold can have a negative impact on your home in many different ways. Not only does mold negatively impact your home but it has a bad impact on your health as well. Mold can trigger allergies, affect your athsma, headaches, and if touched it can also cause allergic reactions. It  is normally found on the north side of homes as it tends to gravitate towards areas that see little sun and get plenty of moisture.

Due to this fact mold can actually serve as an alarm system to warn you about parts of your home that could be vulnerable to decay. If there is moisture, there is mold, if there is mold, then decay and rotting is certain to follow.

You can prevent this by keeping your home’s exterior mold free and clean year round. At Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing LLC we let our detergents do the cleaning for us, ridding you of mold and taking steps to prevent its return, although in time it will return. We also add a wax coat to vinyl siding to give your home the wonderful shine it deserves. Let us keep your mold away by pressure washing it twice a year. Questions? Comment below!

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