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Moss on brick

Moss on brick
July 29, 2012 mrjacksonjim


Does your brick have moss or mold on it? Depending on how long its been there this could be a very tough job. Take this before and after picture in the post for example ( cleaned by Jackson’s Heated). This brick had not been cleaned in a very long time, years! The moss was very thick and was embedding itself into the grooves of the brick which made it very tough for me :(. The key for me on this job was playing with the angles of the wand. It allowed me to sort of pry the moss up in some of the tough areas. Don’t blast it! High pressure is rarely the resolution. Let the water do the water do the work for you and mild pressure will work just fine on this job.

If you want great results like shown in the picture without the sweat and burn, give us a call at 573-340-5401 or tell us what you want cleaned at

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