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Mother nature thrashes your home

Mother nature thrashes your home
September 14, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Mother nature is beating the crap out of your house and there’s really nothing you can do about it. You’re like the mom who’s kid is always getting beat up. All you can do is complain and rub the wound’s after. If you didn’t get that, your house is the kid and you’re the mom but anyway….. Think about all the mold spores being blown on your building creating mold and more mold.  Think about all that 70 mph dust being blown on your house each storm, all the cobwebs stuck to your home, and the dirt dauber nest that just always seem to come back. Your house is getting beat down after beat down and you’re just sitting there in the front row watching him take Mike Tyson blows.


Ok let’s get serious. If we let mother have it’sway our house is going to be covered in filth. Mold spores are something you don’ t want around you or your family. They can trigger allergic reasons from mild to severe and there is no way I would let wasp nests around me or my children, too risky.On top of that it’s plain unsanitary to have a dirty home. Clean it up!

There is only one way to keep that expensive piece of property looking good and maintain its high value you invested into it and that’s to clean it. Pressure wash it to be specific. Twice a year grab your pressure washer and throw the blows back.  Spray left, spray right, uppercut spray! Ok, Ok, don’t get carried away. You may have won the battle but you’ll never win this war. Mother nature will strike back, but that’s ok! When she does…..we’ll be waiting.



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