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New Pressure Washing T-Shirt Design

New Pressure Washing T-Shirt Design
February 4, 2013 mrjacksonjim

Reveal your home's true colorsWe have a great new pressure washing T-shirt design this year that reflects the company really well.  Let me explain it’s relevance. We’ll start with the number. The number one was my number throughout the duration of my high school and collegiate career.

The hands opening the shirt resembles the design of the Cam Newton Fear No 1 shirts which adds appeal to it but also references back to the sport I love , football. The message of this shirt is that it’s unleashing the water or revealing the clean in people, specifically their homes. I like to say we reveal the true colors of people’s homes with our pressure washing services and I think this years T-shirt design represents that with a fresh spin on it. Our business logo and info is included on the back, big and vibrant. I hope to do a lot of revealing this year :). I hope you like this years T-Shirt design.


Jimmy Jackson/Owner



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