Power Pressure Washing

Some call it pressure washing, others call it power washing. The key isn’t in the name but the results you are getting in the end. Properly cleaning the exterior of your property can easily add ten years of life back to your fence, house, concrete, and tons of other items. Here at Jackson’s Heated we have achieved results that have left our customers amazed and sometimes we are as well! The key to great results is in the equipment, techniques, and the detergent you use. The three utilized properly can leave you with tremendous results. Pressure washing isn’t about the amount of pressure necessarily as for most surfaces you wont use full pressure. The most important thing in the pressure washer is the gallons per minute GPM.

A 4 GPM or more machine is best and allows you to flush out the surface properly and eliminate mold, dirt, and mildew.  Next you need to be able to reach at least two stories high.  Don’t use a ladder! You can do this from the ground with the proper equipment. We use an x jet tip and easily reach two to three stories high while still achieving great results.  Then the detergent comes into play, detergent allows you to clean without using lots of pressure. It allows you to simples rinse off and achieve great results.  Its important to have a basic understanding of your equipment, techniques, and what it takes to achieve great results.  A power washer is a powerful machine and can easily  damage your property and cost you money. If you are close to Caruthersville,Missouri and want great results give us a call!

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