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Power wash: 5 reasons you better

Power wash: 5 reasons you better
September 12, 2012 mrjacksonjim

If you aren’t pressure washing your property you really should be. In the article I’ll give you five great reasons you need to start pressure washing.

1. Image- Oh, don’t even give me that. You do care how people view you, as most of us do. Pressure washing your property gives you that clean image you deserve. Think about it; what gas station would you  stop to use the restroom? The old dirty looking one or the clean exterior? We choose the clean exterior because we think the inside is probably clean as well! Well, your personal property reflects you the same way. Most will never see the inside of your house so a dirty exterior to them means the inside is dirty as well.  In this society our image is everything.  Clean it up.

2. AllergensAround spring time allergen levels are extremely high. Then around fall we are hosed with farm chemicals and field dust. Are you tired of coughing, sneezing, and having watery eyes. Pressure washing the exterior of your home will help lower those levels around your home and help you live a little more peacefully. Well and then there’s mold which  can be very harmful but that’s a topic of its own (reason 5). Personally we use a detergent mix that rids you of germs, mold, and other allergens.

3. Save money- Yep it sure can and I’m not joking it is statistically proven that homes that are power washed before selling have a higher chance of selling and also adds value to the home. I think around a 5 to 10% increase but don’t quote me on that. Most of us invested lots of money into our property so it makes sense to keep it clean and looking nice to maximize it’s value. Along with that it will also aid you in avoiding permanent stains which is the next reason!

4. Permanent Stains- You don’t want to deal with this trust me. Letting stains sit on your building for very long periods of time can result in you having permanent stains. Pressure washing twice a year can easily keep your property stain free.


5. Mold Spores-  Mold is a serious deal and you really don’t need to be around the stuff whether it’s indoor or outdoors. Especially your children and others with weak immune systems. They can cause serious infection in the lungs and sinuses and also cause rashes and skin irritations to those who are allergic. This really could be a whole topic about itself but do yourself a favor and don’t live around mold and certainly don’t let your children.  When we power wash we use a detergent that kills the mold and makes your property look great.

Do you have any great reasons of why people should power wash? If so share them in the comments section!


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