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Power Washing A Brick Home

Power Washing A Brick Home
September 7, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Pressure washing a brick home can be an extremely tough task to accomplish. Why? Brick is porous and soaks up the water quickly. Therefore you have to saturate the brick with water before applying the detergent to the brick.  After the detergent has been applied and sits for a bit it is important you rinse the brick thoroughly to ensure no detergent is left on the surface on the brick. After you are done the surface should be mold and dirt free.  Normally the brick will look clean and brighter depending on the severity of home.

Do not use too much pressure!  We have seen numerous homeowners who have damages that brick homes and patio’s because they think they can pick up a pressure washer and just start spraying. A pressure washer is a very powerful tool and if not utilized correctly it will split the brick right off your home.  Be careful not to apply too much pressure and especially not directly to the joint of the brick as you can damage the joint as well.  At JHPW we let our detergent and gpm ( gallons per minute) do the cleaning for us. Our machines push out 4 gallons per minute which flushes the dirt and mold old of your brick. More water less power!

Check out some of our work below. If pressure washed correctly you should achieve some of the results as shown! Questions? Comment below!

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