Pressure Wash a 2-3 story home

Lots of home owners run into the problem of having trouble reaching the high areas of your home. Most will try increasing the pressure and using a 0 degree nozzle and maybe that strategy has worked work a select few of you but it’s a dangerous one. The direct stream of a 0 degree nozzle combined with high pressure can result in some serious damage to your home. What’s the alternative? Well, you probably should call a professional at that point. They will (should) have the tools to reach  2-3 stories with no problem. If you wish to do it yourself, look into purchasing an X-jet. This tool will project water up to high levels. Keep in mind that you will need a sufficient pressure washing machine to utilize this tool properly. X-Jets were made to be used with professional grade equipment such as a pressure washer that generates 4 or more gallons per minute which can be an expensive purchase. If you’d like to shop around for the best pressure washing company just perform a google search.  A professional pressure washing company should have a website, show their work, and have testimonials for you to view. Oh, and be sure they give free estimates as well. Good luck!



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