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Pressure Wash Grease With Five Tips

Pressure Wash Grease With Five Tips
March 10, 2013 mrjacksonjim

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Grease can be very hard to remove if you don’t have the right tools to perform the job. Actually, it can still be tough even if you have the right tools for the job. First let’s hope you have a little space to work in. It will help minimize back splash which will help speed up your results. Let’s take a look at the other things that will help make pressure washing grease a success.

1.Degreaser- Find a good degreaser to break down the greaser before cleaning. Let the chemicals do most of the work for you. Then take advantage of this next thing..

2. Heat- hot water is an emulsifier. 250 degree heat is grease’s worst nightmare. Turn up the heat.

3. Pressure- You’re not going to need a lot of pressure for this job. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you do. Too much pressure could possibly damage your surface. Be careful.

4. Work from the top down- This will keep the areas you’ve cleaned from continuously getting dirty again. If you clean from the bottom up you’ll be doing a lot of re-cleaning.

5. GPM- Gallons per minute are always critical. You need a good water flow to flush the grease away from the surface.  Let’s have at least four gallons per minute to flush the surface properly.


These five tips are going to make you a grease cleaning machine! Remember, if you don’t have the proper equipment or feel comfortable with your project, call a professional pressure washing company. No use risking the damage of your precious property.  Questions? Comments? Drop me a line below.


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