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Pressure wash gum from concrete

Pressure wash gum from concrete
November 28, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Removing gum from concrete can be extremely tedious work, especially if you don’t have a hot water pressure washer.  Gum spots are hideous to look at and really deprive your establishment of that clean, welcoming look you work for. Pressure washing your concrete can bring your concrete back to life and keep it looking great for you.

The Keys 

Hot water is the key to gum removal. Using a heated pressure washer can cut your time down by  2-3 times depending on the severity of the gum. Using cold water will yield mediocre results, to none at all depending on the quality of your pressure washer. It’s best to use a pressure washer that pushes out at least 4 gallons per minute to property flush the gum from the concrete. Heated Pressure Washing with a 4 gallon a minute plus machine. Will help you achieve the best results.  DO NOT use too much pressure. Some tend to think concrete can’t be damaged, it can. Let the heat and the gallons per minute clean for you. Don’t try to replace heat with pressure.  If you don’t have this equipment or aren’t comfortable with performing the work let a professional handle it. They probably will do a better job anyway :). Questions? Comments? Drop me a line below.

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