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Power Wash

Power Wash
March 5, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Power Washing is a common way to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and many other elements from a variety of surfaces. It allows us to keep our property looking new and fresh by removing those harsh elements Mother Nature has placed upon them. The key to achieving great results is having the proper techniques, equipment, and detergents as needed in many cases. First lets talk equipment, our pressure washers push out 4 gallons per minute, often abbreviated as 4 GPM. This allows us to achieve fantastic results because in most cases its not about the pressure, its about flushing out the surface. GPM> Pressure, but of course high pressure has its place.
Next lets talk detergents, and this topic is very important because for us and most pressure washing companies, our detergent is what drives our results in most cases. Our detergent allows us to basically spray and rinse! We use a detergent that kills the mold and leaves a fantastic shine behind. If you must know our secret sauce, shoot us an email and we will let you in a little :). Last but not least make sure you are utilizing the proper techniques when pressure washing. Operate with two hands, pick out a small area and section off your work. You will work faster this way. Any questions or comments? post below! If you are a first time customer enjoy a 10% discount and 

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