Concrete Cleaning

The most important factors to JHPW’s success in cleaning concrete is HEAT and our SURFACE CLEANER.  These two things are perhaps two of the greatest additions to our arsenal that allows us to clean quickly and effectively. Our pressure washer reaches a maximum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit which allows us to deep clean into hard surfaces without using a lot of pressure. The heat is great for getting out the stubborn stains and GUM.  You can also utilize detergent on the concrete as well but with the combination of the surface cleaner and heat it is rarely needed.

The surface cleaner itself saves us ton of time when pressure washing flat surfaces which includes patios and pavers as well.  Not only does is spray water into the surface but it scrubs as well, creating a larger cleaning path than the pressure gun.  Cleaning your concrete will extend its life and keep it looking new. Check out some of our work below with the surface cleaner! Questions? Comment below!

Pressure washing can be tough, tedious and potentially damaging to you or your property if not performed properly. To achieve great results like this give us a call or text at 573-340-5401 or tell us want you want cleaned by clicking the tab below.








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  1. Maria

    As others have noted, you shluod be able to find muratic acid at a paint store, hardware store, or any place that sells pool chemicals. A concrete specialty store will certainly have it.Muratic acid is really the only product to use for this job. There are substitutes for other masonry cleaning applications, either detergents or phosphoric acid products. Neither will give you good results for a pre-paint etch.Do be careful, read the directions on the bottle of muratic acid and follow perfectly. It is nasty, but you can do it. Do not mix anything with the acid other than water. Adding soap or detergent as has been suggested will reduce the effectiveness of the acid. Also, you will not on the bottle that muratic acid is hydrochloric acid, not sulfuric acid.


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