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Pressure Washing Painted Buildings

Pressure Washing Painted Buildings
January 11, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Did you knowthat pressure washing your painted house or building will make your paint job last longer for you. Mold, dirt, and mildew eat away at your paint and you will soon be forced to paint again. By pressure washing,

you eliminate mildew, dirt, and mold; which in turn makes your paint job last years longer! Be careful! Pressure washing is not all about using pressure. Painted surfaces are delicate. You can easily rip the paint off with too much pressure; especially with too much heat.  As a matter of fact we only use heat on painted surfaces if we are trying to remove the paint.

We use a detergent that cleans the paint which contains a wax that makes the paint shine! Keeping mold and mildew off your paint will add YEARS  of life to it and keep it looking its best. Knowing the right techniques and the do’s and don’ts of pressure washing is very important. If you don’t know then sometimes its best left to call a professional…. like Jackson’s Heated :). Clean Smarter not harder. Questions? Comments? Post below.

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