Pressure washing pavers

Is your patio dirty? Maybe even your flagstone pavers? I have the perfect solution for you, pressure wash it! Pressure washing your pavers will make them like new again but be careful cleaning flagstone pavers can be a dirty job. Try to keep the water on the pavers and not the dirt surrounding them or it could get really messy. Also dial the pressure down unless you blast your pavers away.  Let the water do the cleaning. Less than moderate pressure will get the job done I assure you. If you’re cleaning a normal patio moderate pressure will be fine but be careful with older patios you can easily chip them up. With a little patience, hard work, and sweat you can get  great results like I achieved in the pictures on this post.

Pressure washing can be tough, tedious, and potentially damaging to you or your property. If you are looking to get great results without the hassle of doing it yourself give me a call or text at 573-340-5401 or tell me what you want cleaned by clicking the tab below.


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