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Pressure Washing Tips 2014

Pressure Washing Tips 2014
February 17, 2014 mrjacksonjim

cropped cardPressure washing your home any time soon?  I have some great tips for you that’s going to give your home that “WOW” factor that will leave your neighbors jealous.

Tip 1: Choose a great soap

This is going to benefit you in more than one way. Soaps have surfactants in them which is going to make your pressure washing mix more effective. Those surfactants will attach to stains to release them from the surface and allow water to rinse them away. Also, most soaps will leave a nice smell behind. There’s nothing like the smell of a nice clean home.

Tip 2: Moderate to low pressure

Most surfaces can be cleaned just fine using low pressure washing techniques. Let your detergent clean for you, not the pressure. Damage your house and you certainly won’t be the neighborhood hero.

Tip 3: X-jet Tip for high areas

An X-jet tip will allow you to clean those hard to reach areas on your home. Every nook and cranny will be cleaned if you have this tool in your arsenal. You will max out its effectiveness anywhere between 30-40 feet.

Tip 4: Add Wax

This is an advanced move that should be left to guys that have been pressure washing for a while. If this is your first time, you probably should sit this tip out. The wax is going to going to give your home a vibrant shine and leave everyone saying WOW. Be sure to wash your windows down very well. We don’t want this stuff drying on them.

These four tips will aide you in delivering great results to your home  but of course it’s not all you need to be successful in pressure washing. If you need a little more guidance or have any specific questions, drop me a line below.


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