Pressure Washing With Heat (The Many Benefits)

Pressure washing with hot water has many benefits and with our name being Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing we definitely know those benefits. Hot water enhances the cleaning power of of the pressurized water you are utilizing but it’s not suitable for all situations. For example, in most residential situations, put it away. It’s just not needed in most cases, especially on vinyl siding. Occasionally you may come across a tough stain/s on a brick house that require a little help from your heated pressure washer but in most situations you won’t. Use a good detergent, don’t abuse the pressure, work on your technique and you should be able to generate some decent results. Now when is heat appropriate when pressure washing?

Well, mainly in commercial or industrial circumstances. ┬áTry pressure washing gum away without heat, it’s a tough job. It’s really hard to remove the gum 100% without the use of hot water. Next, try removing oil stains without hot water; you may have some success but it’s tough and will definitely take a longer time without the use of heat. Heat is also very useful when cleaning heavy duty machinery and farm equipment.

Every pressure washing company should have heat in it’s arsenal. It’s a great tool that will be needed to please your customers at one point or another as well as make your work a lot easier. You don’t have to live by it, but you certainly better utilize it.


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