Pressure washing with surfactants

Surfactant Pressure WashingWhen pressure washing various surfaces, surfactants are a man’s best friend. Surfactants make your pressure washing detergent mix work well together and become a cleaning powerhouse. Surfactants are mainly found in various soaps. How do surfactants work? Well, picture a surfactant as a lollipop. The stick doesn’t like water and the actual lollipop  likes water and is the end that sticks into the surface. This releases the surface tension of the water and allows it to be more effective on various surfaces while pressure washing or cleaning in general. When your detergent mix is applied the surfactants go to work on stains. Their heads penetrate stains like grease and release the surface tension of their bond to the ground allowing the water to wash them away.

Without surfactants water can only do so much. Make sure you are taking advantage of them and getting high quality results. Check out some of the pressure washing results our surfactants give us at

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