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Pressure Washing with WAX!

Pressure Washing with WAX!
March 10, 2014 mrjacksonjim


Pressure Washed with wax

Pressure washed with wax

We have been pressure washing with wax in Southeast Missouri for a few years now and it’s allowed us to add the  “WOW” factor that puts our work over the top. The results can truly be extraordinary depending on the surface you are applying it to. Some surfaces such as brick are more absorbent so the wax doesn’t settle on the surface as well.

We’ve recently upgraded our wax to a longer lasting wax that makes our customer’s homes look better, longer.

The wax is added to our pressure washing mix which already contains several other surfactants. When all are combined they make the ultimate house wash. We have restored many homes while pressure washing with house washing mix. You can view more photos here —–>

Your first thought/question is probably going to be will the wax wash away when I rinse off the detergent. It won’t, the wax bonds to the surface you are pressure washing. Just don’t go using tons of pressure and you’ll be fine. You should be allowing your detergent to do the cleaning anyway.

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