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Remove ivy from brick with 5 tips

Remove ivy from brick with 5 tips
November 11, 2012 mrjacksonjim

 This is one of Jackson’s Heated`latest and greatest projects. We pressure washed dead  ivy from this brick home and restored its beauty. If you’ve ever dealt with ivy before you know it nearly becomes embedded into the brick making it very tough to remove.      Initially I was unsure if I could remove the ivy successfully. The plan was to scrub first with a hard bristle broom and then come back with the heated pressure (repeat if necessary). The broom had very little effect but let’s talk about what did work.

1.The heat– using 250 degree heat loosened the fibers and helped free them from the brick.

2.Angles– playing with the angles is key in prying it from the brick. In fact angling it from the side probably worked best most the time.

3.Moderate pressure We didn’t use too much pressure and risk damaging the brick. We used moderate pressure, angles and heat to pry the ivy loose. What wouldn’t come off, we didn’t use force.

 4.Gallons Per Minute– Our heated power washer pushes out 4 gallons per minute which floods the grooves of the brick freeing it of the ivy.

5.Experience– My experience in cleaning different surfaces helped me to accomplish this tough task of pressure washing ivy from brick. The more you do something, the better you become at it.


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