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Remove outdoor stains on home

Remove outdoor stains on home
March 22, 2013 mrjacksonjim

Pressure washed vinyl sidingYou ever seen a potentially beautiful home that’s not beautiful because home exterior stains? I actually see it a lot. It’s amazing what pressure washing can do for  home. It’s also amazing what mother nature can do to a home. Check out some of the homes in the post for instance. Some of the after photos seem unreal because mother nature has dirtied and damaged the home so much.  Let’s take a look at how  to pressure wash your home back to new  just as we did these.

Pressure Washer- Get you a good pressure. Don’t focus on the pressure please! Most surfaces can be cleaned efficiently with low pressure. Your focus is GPM gallons per minute.  A machine with 4 or more gallons per minute is going to allow you to flush the surface properly without using lots of pressure that can potentially damage your property. That little cheap one is going to break anyway save yourself the money. Get a good one.

Detergent- Find you a good detergent recipe. Something that will kill mold and brighten your home up. I would share mine but well… I just can’t :). Actually I have shared a basic mix before on a blog. I’ll have to find it.

Water pressure- make sure your home’s water pressure is good enough to supply your machine at 4+ gallons per minute. Last thing you want to do is damage your gorgeous pressure washer you just bought.

Next you’re going to need some practice. You’re probably not going to be as fast, efficient, or as good as a professional ivy on a brick housethat has been doing this for years so plan on it taking a while. It can be tiring holding the pressure washing wand for long periods of time as well. Shoulder burn!

If this is a task you can’t or don’t want to handle by yourself contact your local pressure washing company and they will surely (hopefully) get you cleaned up. If you’re located in Southeast Missouri or surrounding areas such as Blytheville Arkansas and Dyersburg Tennessee. Give Jackson’s Heated a call for all of your pressure washing services. I can’t wait to reveal your home’s true colors!









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