Removing rust stains from concrete

Are you tired of looking at those hideous rust stains on your concrete driveway or sidewalk? Removing rust from concrete can be an extremely tough task. Utilizing a water hose or a pressure washer alone will not completely remove the rust from the concrete surface. There is an option however that will rid you of your rust problems! The answer to remove this rust is to acid wash the surface. Here at Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing LLC we provide our customers with an acid wash service that completely rids them of their rust problems.  Handling muriatic acid is very dangerous! It is toxic and could do extreme damage to your property and yourself if handled improperly! It is important you are knowledgeable of proper use and the dangers of using this product. If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself contact your local pressure washing business. If you reside within an hour of our Caruthersville Missouri location, give me a call today!!

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