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Should I pressure wash during the winter

Should I pressure wash during the winter
August 16, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Should you pressure wash during the winter? Hmmm.. well… it depends. What exactly is the temperature? If its below freezing or close to it I’m going to to say no. You cold end up damaging your equipment and plus, its freezing! The water you’re spraying on the ground is probably going to freeze and you are probably going to be freezing as well.

Now on the other hand this last years winter (2011) wasn’t really a winter.  Barely got any snow and the temperature stayed around the 50’s and even 60’s a bit. You could pressure wash all you want in that type of weather but of course that was a rare winter experience. In conclusion, if the weather permits it yes pressure wash away but be extremely careful when that temperature begins to drop.

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