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Pressure Washing Cobwebs

Pressure Washing Cobwebs
August 31, 2011 mrjacksonjim

Cobwebs on your home may help catch some of those pesky bugs out there but they compromise the look and feel of your home. No one wants to walk into a haunted house on a year round basis, and you wondered why your friends never want to come over! Simple solution to cobwebs is the old faithful pressure washer. ‘Pressure washing them will rid you of those pesky webs and spiders that made them. Don’t worry they will find another home!

I was recently told a hilarious story about cobwebs by a colleague of mine. They were inquiring about my business then began speaking about cobwebs on their home. They live by a wheat field and one season the farmers were harvesting the wheat then burned the field which is when things turned bad. Their house was covered in cobwebs so the smoke from the field stuck to the cobwebs leaving them with a smoked out cobweb home which was a pain to clean. Talk about bad luck! Questions? Comment below!


Pressure washing can be tough, tedious, and potentially damaging to you or your property if not performed correctly. To get great results like shown in the before and after picture we cleaned on this post call or text me at 573-340-5401 or get your FREE estimate by clicking the link below

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