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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
May 7, 2012 mrjacksonjim

Spring cleaning, you either hate it or love it there is no in-between and most of us hate it. With that being said it is a necessity unless you want your home to be a dusty, full of germs and have your family sneezing all year. Break out the dusters, wash those windows, and please don’t forget to reach the tops of those ceiling fans I’m sick of you letting dirt sit there :)! Now that the inside is clean you’re all clean right?  No tell your husband to get outside and crank that pressure washer up! Cobwebs, dirt, mold, and mildew are just living on the exterior of your home.  You paid good money for your home, so you want to keep it looking good right? Listen, most people will never see all that dusting and cleaning you did on the inside because not everyone has the luxury of being invited inside your home but tons see the exterior of your home on a daily basis. Now crank that pressure washer up and go to work; everyone will see how good the exterior of your home looks! Check out our other blog posts for tips and tricks on pressure washing.

Pressure washing seems easy but you and I both know the last time your husband pressure washed the house he was an extremely tired man. His shoulders were burning from holding the gun, his back hurt from bending over, and his ego hurt because he didn’t do a complete job he was so darn tired! In case of an emergency like this call a professional. For most of you do it yourself pressure washers, pressure washing is a weekend job. We professionals get most jobs done in an hour or two and no offense but in most cases our work is far superior to yours.  If you’re not located within an hour of us, go to Google and search for your local pressure washer. Be sure to check out their work first! If you are located within an hour of our Caruthersville, Missouri location give us a call (573-340-5401). Check out our work first. We take pride in keeping the exterior of the Bootheel and surrounding areas clean. Questions? Comments? Post Below!  If you are a first time customer enjoy a 10% discount and 

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