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The importance of pressure washing

The importance of pressure washing
April 14, 2013 mrjacksonjim

One thing most if not all of value is our image or how we are viewed by others. Most of us want to be viewed in a positive way and to want to be liked by others. At this point I know you’re wondering, what the heck does this have to do with pressure washing?? Well pressure washing is one of those things that helps your appearance and I’ll tell you why. Here are a couple of examples of why pressure washing is so important.

Pressure washed vinyl siding

Cleaned by Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing

Example 1: You’re headed over to a friends house. They just moved into a new neighborhood and you can’t wait to give them their house warming gift. As you start getting closer to their home you start checking out the houses in the neighborhood. Most are dirty with mold on them, cobwebs, etc.  Looks like a run down neighborhood…

You pull up to your friends house and it’s extremely dirty just like the others. You can’t believe they chose to live in this house over their last. You act normal and proceed inside and you can’t believe what you see. The house is gorgeous. Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, marble tile, Jacuzzi tub, huge bedrooms and bathrooms.

The next day you decide to give them an extra gift. You call a professional pressure washing company and they go to work. You see their finished work and you’re amazed at the pressure washing transformation. House looks totally different. You began to think what if all the home in this neighborhood were cleaned….



commercial pressure washing

Example 2: You’re heading to Florida to chill on the beach. It’s been a long ride and  time for a restroom break. You pull off to find a good place to get gas and use the restroom as well. You see two gas stations. Gas station number one is very dirty. It has gum on the sidewalks and  cobwebs on the building which makes it looks like a sketchy place. Gas station number two looks clean and well maintained so you decide to go there. 


The point is we trust clean. We value clean. Clean is safe and being clean makes you look good.  Pressure washing your home and or business on a consistent basis is important if you want to be viewed as a clean.

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