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    Remove Ivy Roots from brick with 1 simple tool

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    Removing Ivy Roots from brick

    Removing Ivy Roots from brick

    We removed Ivy Roots from this brick home with one simple tool that many pressure washing companies have in their arsenal and if not, they should. This small surface cleaner has two rotating nozzles underneath that allows the pressurized water to flush the ivy roots from different angles resulting in immediate removal for the most part. We have a short gun setup and our machine has 5 gpm rating which provides more than enough water to operate the surface cleaner and flush the brick of ivy, dirt, and mold. Let me be clear, removing ivy roots is a tough job and this set up made the job easier for us but this is STILL  a tough job.


    The most important thing this tool did is provide our customer with consistent results throughout the whole house. The owners of this home were very pleased. Check out the video of Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing removing ivy roots from their brick home below. If you are looking to have Ivy roots pressure washed from your home give us a call at 573-340-5401 or get your FREE estimate online by filling out a brief form  here —>



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